Drilling & Sawing

Core Drilling

Our Core Drilling trucks are equipped with the latest in 400 Hz electric Equipment.

Each truck is totally self-contained; including water and power, with drilling equipment for 1" TO 12" in diameter and a depth up to 5 feet.

For special jobs, our shop is capable to equip any one of these trucks with the additional equipment necessary fro diameters up to and including 36" and to depths in excess of 100 feet.

In addition to the 400 Hz electric generator, each truck also carries a 400 Hz Static Converter which allows our equipment to be used anywhere there is 220V power.

Flat Sawing

Our flat sawing truck are equipped with gasoline powered saws, capable of sawing asphalt or concrete to a depth of 9.5 inches; 110V core drilling equipment for up to 8" diameter holes in addition to hand saws capable of a depth of 5". Each truck is equipped with it's own water/power supply, and is also equipped with both a 35 gallon and a 55 gallon water vacuum.

In addition, our shop is cable to supply these trucks with the necessary saws and blades for cutting to a maximum depth of 18.5 inches.

For indoor work, where ceiling heights are less than 12 to 16 feet and where there is not adequate ventilation for gasoline powered saws, we have available 400 Hz electric saws with up to 25 horsepower motors. These electric saws can cut to a maximum depth of 9.5" and also avoid the noise and carbon monoxide fumes.

Wall Sawing

All of our wall saw trucks are equipped with the most sophisticated 400 Hz electric wall saw with standard cutting depths up to 12.5 inches; and 400 Hz hand saws capable of maximum depths up to 8 inches.

Every truck is totally self-contained, including water and power, with accessory equipment such as an electric saw with a maximum cutting depth of 9 inches and core drilling equipment for up to 10 inch diameter holes.

For special jobs, our shop is able to equip these trucks with wall sawing equipment for depths up to 18.5 inches, from one face or 37 inches with access to both faces.These machines capable of grooving an area three feet wide and a mile long in one day.

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